Sea of Clouds in the moonlight|Mt. Ishizuchi, the highest in western Japan

Sea of clouds as far as the eye can see… . What a stunning vista!

The phrase “Sea of clouds”…, how poetic!

A sea of clouds is an overcast layer of clouds, viewed from above, with a relatively uniform top which shows undulations of very different lengths resembling waves. A sea of fog is formed from stratus clouds or fog and does not show undulations.

In both cases, the phenomenon looks very similar to the open ocean. The comparison is even more complete if some mountain peaks raise above the clouds like some islands. (from Wikipedia)

I guess some of you may have seen a view of “a sea of clouds”, but how many of you have witnessed one from the top of a mountain, and in the moonlight?

If you are to encounter this superb mountain scenery, let me say that the Ishizuchi mountains would be one of the best places.

Here are some examples.

Sea of Clouds surrounding Mt. Ishizuchi

(1) Sea of Clouds lit by the light of an almost full moon

The weather forecast said that it was going to be cloudy with occasional rains on the night of the full moon, so I went out two days before the night with a full moon.

Sea of Clouds under a full moon-1

(2) Sea of Clouds—with the moon lighting the thin mist in the air

On that night, the amount of water vapor in the air was comparatively large, so I got wrapped in a light fog from time to time.

Sea of Clouds under a full moon-2

(3) Sea of Clouds—with the moon going down behind Mt. Ishizuchi

The moon looked like the sun setting in the west, with the sea of clouds and the mist glowing gold in the moonlight.

Sea of Clouds under a full moon-3

(4) Sea of Clouds—just before the moon going down behind Mt. Ishizuchi

Most people would jump to the conclusion that this is another sunset scene, since the moon looks like the sun.

Sea of Clouds under a full moon-4

(5) Sea of Clouds—just after the moon having gone down behind Mt. Ishizuchi

As the moon set behind the mountain peak, the color of blue came back again with the Milky Way on the left side.

Sea of Clouds under a full moon-5

(6) Sea of Clouds before the break of dawn

I admired this scenery peacefully, listening to Morning Mood(Peer Gynt) from my iPhone.

In this way, my long night was over.

Sea of Clouds at dawn

Mt. Ishizuchi and Mt. Kamegamori

Mt. Ishizuchi(1982m) is not only the highest peak in Shikoku but in the west part of Japan, and it is also known as one of “Hyaku-meizan”(the 100 famous mountains in Japan).

It is located between Ehime Prefecture and Kochi Prefecture, consisting a conspicuous part of the roof of Shikoku.

The mountain has been worshiped as a sacred place for a long time and, actually, is one of the seven sacred peaks of Japan.

Mt. Kamegamori(1897m) is the third highest mountain in Ehime Prefecture and the fifth in Shikoku and has also been considered to be a sacred place.

This mountain is my favorite “observation deck” that offers great (and occasionally breathtaking) views of Mt. Ishizuchi.

About Me

I’m Yukihiro Kondoh(male), a nature & mountain photographer.

I have been taking photos of Mt Ishizuchi and its nature for more than 30 years.

If you have any questions about my photos or my photographing place mentioned above, please feel free to contact me through “Contact Form” or “Comment.”

Thank you.

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